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Accessible museum web site and catalogue in Braille

The National Museum of Secret Surveillance: “House of Leaves” has improved the services of the museum for disabled people, especially for visually impaired visitors. The official website of the museum was made readable for the blind people with the assistance of IT experts. New multimedia content is produced and published on the front page of the museum’s web site to include seven minutes long audio material containing the general information about the museum. The project was realized in close cooperation with the Albanian Institute for the Blind Children “Ramazan Kabashi”.

The second important result is the production of the museum catalogue, both in Albanian and in English language in Braille. Every room in the museum now has a number in Braille thus the navigation through the museum is easier and blind people are able to follow every room in a consecutive order. On the National Day of Braille Alphabet (4th of January), the children of “Ramazan Kabashi” Institute were presented with the first guide in Braille available in an Albanian museum. These activities are implemented with the financial help of the Headley Trust UK, through the grant to the BMN.

“We encourage all the museums to start their journey to be more accessible through the Access Survey process. Also, we would like to thank two accessibility experts Tatjana Mijatović and Mensura Mujkanović from the Balkan Museum Access Group who made a Survey Access in our museum”, stated Ms. Etleva Demollari, the Director of the National Museum of Secret Surveillance: “House of Leaves”, Tirana, Albania