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Digitization as protection of museum artifacts

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The Homeland Museum in Visoko has started digitization of the museum artifacts: the legacy of Marica Vojnović, which consists of a collection of photographs, furniture, textile furniture and a collection of sacral objects from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. The objects will be protected in a digital form in which they will also be presented and available to the public through the web platform called “eMuseum”, developed in cooperation with the software development company Visiot doo.

All activities that have been realized until now have involved young people (student volunteers). After the exhibition as a first activity, lectures have been organized both in the Homeland Museum Visoko and the Museum of the City of Zenica. The training consisted of both theory and practice on digitization of museum artifacts. The result of an active working week has been scanned 368 paper units! The successful realization of this part of the project was made possible by Lejla Agić and Vedrana Mioč, expert associates of the project, from the Museum of the City of Zenica. After scanning and storing photo processing was done with the contribution of volunteer Semina Bulić, a student of graphic design and multimedia who performed digital retouching of 30 portrait photos (elimination of tears, patterns, stains and other technical defects such as shadows, fading, holes, brown spots, raising light, etc.). Photographs received a new outfit for storage – an album, made of hand-cut background from the acid-free paper.

Also, other objects from the legacy of Marica Vojnović have been photographed: a collection of period furniture, a collection of sacral objects from the furniture of M. Vojnović and textile furniture. The offices of the Homeland Museum have become a modernly equipped photographic studio with numerous spotlights, portable and static cameras, and curtains.

The author and coordinator of the project is Habiba Efendira-Čehić, senior curator of the Homeland Museum.



For more information, please see the web site of the The Homeland Museum in Visoko.