FOCUS – Fostering of Capacities for Unique Senses for visitors

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The Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence has realized the project “FOCUS – Fostering of Capacities for Unique Senses for visitors”. The project had many results, such as access survey process and the report; the production of ten tactile images; production of the audio materijal; production of the video materials with sign language translation; training of museum staff; improving the access for the permanent exhibition.

Museum exhibits in the permanent museum exhibits are not accessible for the blind and visually impaired visitors. Panels in the format 100 x 70 cm with a tactile image and description of the museum object in Braille, photography and short text have been placed in the exibition space. Sign language videos and audio stories have been made for the museum objects, so that visitors will have the opportunity to hear and learn more about them.


The audio and video materials are available on the museum’s website, on social media and on museum’s YouTube channel, as well as in the space of the permanent exhibition by scanning a QR code.

After the results of the project have been installed, the students from the State School for Rehabilitation of Visually Impaired Children and Youth Dimitar Vlahov from Skopje also visited the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle for Independence. The purpose of the visit was to experience the tactile exhibition from the FOCUS project. The students from Dimitar Vlahov are regular partners of the museum in various project activities, and on this occasion they had the opportunity to see the tactile exhibition in the special gallery space of the museum.

With the FOCUS project, the museum successfully implements its mission to promote the accessibility and inclusiveness of the permanent exhibition, by creating museum content accessible to all. This process continues in the future in accordance with modern museum trends where inclusion and accessibility are top priorities in the long-term strategies of each museum.

Realization of the project: Dr. Irena Ruzin, project manager, Jove Pargovski, MA – tactile images, Katerina Sharkoska – interpretation in sign language, Andrijana Soklarovska – text in Braille, Dr. Silvana Petrova Nasuh – narrator, Mihailo Markovski and video editing, Gimel studio, Aleksandar Kotevski Drimkast studio, Studio Kochov.

Course description and expert consultations: Daniela Nikolova, curator-advisor; Kole Kiselinovski, documentary; Vladimir Janevski, ethnologist; Fima Trajkovska, curator-advisor, text adaptation Ana Vishinova, educator.