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Four museum projects receive support

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We are happy to announce that four museums have received support from BMN Small Grants 2022 scheme, thanks to financial support of the Headley Trust UK. They are very excited to start with activities and we wish them a lot of fun, learning and great partnerships!

Museum of African Art, Belgrade – “Kanga and kitenge textiles interpretation”

The project relates to the interpretation of textiles from the textile collection of the Museum of African Art, and the collection’s enlargement. It focuses on two types of contemporary industrial textiles (kanga and kitenge/ankara) that have wide-spread use, cultural value and historical significance in Africa. The project can be regarded as the first phase of a larger project that will involve the development of museum programs: exhibitions, workshops, lectures on the topic of contemporary textiles and clothing in Africa; with a view to attract new audiences, especially in the young adult age group, raise the visibility of the museum and develop partnerships with African community groups in Serbia, museums in Africa, international textile producers, fashion organizations and both African and local Serbian artists and clothes designers.


MuZEH Lab, Dures – “Jorgan and artisans- lost nostalgia”

The idea of “Jorgan and artisans-lost nostalgia” aims collecting lost stories about the creativity and use of Jorgans- as todays blankets, but used during 20th century in Albania. Through collecting multiple stories and blankes we want create a source also for artisants, museums, a collection of social stories today of the lost techniques, decorations and variety of them as an exhibitions. Today the art of stiching of blankets is lost, thus through exhibition and collection of memories and artistic visuals we want to provide also a creative space of critical thinking of art crafts power.


War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo – “The Bag Full of Toys”

Inspired by many stories from the WCM’s collection and one in particular from a child on the move, this project aims to increase accessibility of the Museum and its work, but also teach about love, care, creativity and different childhood experiences. The project has three key segments:

  1. Production of replicas and tactile graphics
  2. Printing stories in Braille
  3. Inclusive workshop inspired by (hand-made) toys and stories

In the implementation process, WCM will work in close cooperation with the Center for Blind and visually impaired children and youth Sarajevo, experts in access and inclusion from the Balkan region, experts in Braille, and craftsmen/women who will produce replicas of the toys/objects from the collection. Replicas, tactile graphics and stories in Braille are additional educational tools for the WCM that will improve sensory experiences at workshops or during regular visits to the exhibition space.


PI Museum “Battle for the Wounded on Neretva River” Jablanica – “Creating Interpretive Coloring Books”

The project Creating Interpretive Coloring Books presents the course of the Battle of Neretva in a fun and educational way by voicing the ideas of compassion, humanity and solidarity. The content of the interpretive coloring books will be produced during a workshop with local NGO Art Assocciation “Neretva”. These sketches/images will be described in both English and Bosnian and chronologically lined up and printed in form of a coloring book. Museum Educator will welcome an inclusive class of PI Elementary School “Suljo Čilić” Jablanica, among which are the children with learning disabilities. The students will be given the Interpretive Coloring Books and the material necessary for coloring. After the completion, the Museum Educator will help the children present their coloring books and acquired knowledge, which will provide us with the accurate evaluation of the project.