Institutions that have submitted the applications to the Call for Project Proposals

Thank you all for submitting the project proposal to the call for projects! Please find bellow the list of the institutions that have submitted the proposal. All applicants will be informed about the results of the evaluation until 15 May. Stay tuned for more information. 

  1. National Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum – Ohrid
  2. The Homeland Museum of Knjaževac, Serbia (Zavičajni muzej Knjaževac, Srbija)
  3. Museum of Srem
  4. Museum of Vojvodina
  5. Museum of Mitrovica (MoM) and 7Arte
  6. Museum of the Macedonian Struggle
  7. Museum of Yugoslav History
  8. PI Museum of East Bosnia Tuzla
  9. Museum of Apollonia Archaeological Park
  10. Public Institution (PI) Museum of Tešanj
  11. Museum of African art
  12. Institute for preservation of cultural heritage and Museum -Bitola, Macedonia
  13. NGO Center for Urban Anthropology, Novi Sad, Serbia
  14. Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska
  15. Zenica City Museum
  16. National Historical Museum
  17. Ll City Museum – Kr. Palanka
  18. PI Museum of Republic Srpska
  19. Institute and Museum Bitola