Museum in a Suitcase – Workshop in the National Museum for disabled children

As one of the projects that was implemented as part of Cultural Heritage without Borders and Balkan Museum Network’s activities on improving access in the museums in the western Balkans, the National Museum of BiH has been one of the museums that has in 2011 created a museum in a suitcase. This educational tool has been used on several occasions for the work with blind and visually impaired children, either in a museum or school setting.

On 27 October 2014, Samir Avdic and Ernis Sljivo, project managers and employees of the museum, have organised a fun, half a day workshop with members of NGO ‘Altruista SVJETLO’ that gives support and creates conditions for persons with disabilities. Practical workshop that was held in a museum for fifteen young people explained what is a museum and its role in a society, but the most vivid discussion was held about the tactile exhibit ‘Touch the ethnology’ made of more than 20 small objects from the ethnographic collection of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Educational workshop like this is a true reward for the work on increasing the accessibility of the museum! Both Samir Avdic is member of the Balkan Museum Access Group. See who are the members of this expert group in your area and consult with them on the idea you might have on increasing the accessibility of Your museum!