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MuZEH Lab Jorgan and Artisans-lost nostalgia

Is not always easy deepening into nostalgia, but when it comes to Jorgans-Quilts, then the conversation is pleasant, especially as women are emotionally connected with this beautiful, creative and everyday object.

MuZEH Lab has undertaken some deepen interviews-conversation inside our Lab room for the purpose of collecting the narratives about this particular house item used to be an original creation of men and women artisans of Albania, but not only.

Pieces of stories connected with Jorgan-Quilt arouse glimpses of second war II, as this item is suppose to have been an exchange item among rural areas of Kukës (Albania) between Italian soldiers and villagers for something else for eating and other necessities. Much more different is the connection in inner parts of Albania. The connection of women today with their Jorgans is related as a treasure left from their familiars as being sewed by mothers in low. Much more is emotionally related with sacrifices of poverty, and money saved just for made it.

But Jorgan-Quilt itself is associated with warming up at night and visualizing pride as a family exhibition of neighbors and potential relatives who come unexpectedly to Albanian families. Hours and dedication show the imagination, texture and mixing to assemble the entire decoration, once a somewhat nervous process as details and precision had to prevail and honor the artisan’s hand.

 (Short narratives from community conversations)