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Support of The Headley Trust UK

We are very grateful for the support of The Headley Trust UK for the grant of £13,500 in the period 2020/21 (May 2020 – March 2022) that will be invested in BMN’s small grants scheme (up to £1,000 funds per member museum).

The Headley Trust UK has supported BMN in the past with a two year grant in the period 2017-19 contributing to BMN’s work in improving access, inclusion and interpretation. The Headley Trust UK’s support is of enormous importance for the sustainability of BMN in these difficult times. To be part of the The Headley Trust UK’s grantees family also provides an opportunity for BMN to connect with amazing organisations in the Balkans and beyond who do important cultural heritage work.

Only with partners is our work truly impactful and lasting.

Thank you The Headley Trust UK, our members and partners for being on this road with us.