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The Bag Full of Toys

War Childhood Museum from Sarajevo (WCM) selected stories about museum objects and printed them in Braille. Also replicas of toys that are museum objects were produced. An inclusive workshop inspired by the Museum’s collection was held. The workshop aimed to make different stories and objects accessible to museums’s participants, blind and partially sighted children and youth. This activity allowed the participants to take active participation in one museum’s work and explore in depth the experiences of their peers from different countries. Participation of disabled people and experts in inclusion and access during various phases of the project was crucial for the success of the project and implementation of activities.

Two more workshops were organized. They aimed at improving internal capacities in the field of access and inclusion. The workshops organised for WCM’s staff members were delivered by Aida Šarac from the Art Gallery of B&H. These workshops were focused on improving accessibility and inclusion of WCM as well as increasing knowledge about different educational and pedagogical approaches in work with disabled children and youth in museum settings

The project was entirely implemented in close cooperation with experts and disabled people, who were along with museum colleagues monitoring every stage of the process and project implementation. With this project WCM has strengthened cooperation with D/deaf and disabled peoples’ communities (individuals and organisations); WCM has improved its own capacities by training employees and producing materials accessible to D/deaf and disabled peoples’ communities. Producing accessible materials led to increasing the inclusion of Museum and its collection to large community groups; WCM has attracted new visitors and also brought back people who visited Museum before (members of the communities are coming back).