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Winners of the Small Grants 2024 Call

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After evaluating 8 received applications in line with evaluation criteria and available budget, we are happy to inform you that in the next period 5 museum members will implement their projects.

We wish to thank the Headley Trust UK for their financial support and making this re-granting scheme to cultural heritage institutions possible.

We are very much looking forward to great results coming from these exciting projects!

“Terrarium Workshop” by the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina       

Scientific studies have proven that humans, especially children, are spending most of their time indoors which have resulted in a wide range of behavioural problems and overall well-being. Urbanization, lack of the safe outdoor spaces and hectic pace of life led to disconnection with the nature. Luckily, in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botanical Garden is situated, where one can relax and enjoy in the moment. Thus we will use the opportunity and hold the workshops in the Garden. Surrounded by nature, we aim to build plant terrarium while learning about plant needs, cycles in nature, plant species and maintenance of the terrarium. We hope to spark an interest in botany, gardening and plants. Target audience consists chiefly of children aged 7-10 or above. It is planned to have two workshops lasting 2 hours with 10 participants per workshop. Workshop is also to encourage teamwork and it can foster bonding and social skills among children. Participants will set up the terrarium and they will achieve that one particular result but most important achievement would be to enhance the sense of community and interaction among participants. The museum will strengthen its educational programme and contribute to audience development working with pre-teen groups in order for them to develop the habit of visiting the museum.

Setting of a Permanent exhibition for the site Golemo Gradiste in the village of Konjuh, in Kratovo municipality, North Macedonia” by the Archaeological Museum of North Macedonia – Skopje

The project aims to prepare and set up a small permanent museum exhibition in the village of Konjuh, Kratovo municipality, with information panels explaining the history of the Konjuh village area, the archaeological site Golemo Gradiste, its chronology, and the related cultural spots in its vicinity, along with a selection of artifacts. Other objectives of the proposed project include preparing, printing and dissemination of flyers, as well as promotion of the whole project via the web page of the Archaeological Museum (, the web page of the excavation project (, social media, conferences and public talks/presentations, and by exhibition opening event in Konjuh. The setting of a permanent exhibition in the school is expected to contribute to the future development of rural tourism and cultural tourism in Konjuh village and thus help the economic prosperity of the village and the local community. Members of the local community will be trained as guides that can provide valuable information to visitors of the site.

“Ars Aevi Video Art” by the Public institution City Museums Sarajevo (Museum of contemporary art Ars Aevi)

This project aims to make the Ars Aevi Collection’s video art accessible to the public, leveraging Museum of contemporary art Ars Aevi’s digitalization efforts. As the most valuable video art collection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, donated to enrich the art scene, the project seeks to revitalize museum’s mission. Key objectives include expanding audience access, enhancing the museum experience, and fostering creative contemplation through educational activities. The main activities encompass video projections, interactive educational events, and architectural exercises. Anticipated results include increased accessibility to video art, educational initiatives, and an exhibition of architectural sketches. The project involves museum staff, contracted personnel, and volunteers. To engage marginalized groups, selected artworks will address themes of female position, migration, and racial discrimination. Project evaluation will consider participation numbers, educational impact, and visitor feedback. Dissemination of learning outcomes involves a website report, social media channels, newspaper features, and presentations at conferences for broader professional sharing within the museum community.

“Touching Heritage: Braille Narratives at MoM” by the Museum of Mitrovica

The project “Touching Heritage: Braille Narratives for Inclusive Discoveries at the Museum of Mitrovica” endeavours to address the notable accessibility deficit faced by cultural institutions in the region. The anticipated outcomes of the project will not only involve and increase accessibility and social inclusiveness at Museum of Mitrovica’s exhibits and spaces, but also will create more equitable and welcoming cultural environment, fostering community-wide inclusivity and participation.

“The blue world of whales and dolphins” by the PI Museum and Gallery Tivat

Exhibition will be produced in collaboration of two museums, PI Museum and Gallery Tivat and Natural History Museum. The aim is to draw attention to the natural heritage of the Adriatic Sea, primarily to young people, as well as other target groups disabled children, Roma children, schools and also local community, tourists, visitors, decision makers. The project will raise awareness on the topic of protection if the sea life. Two educational workshops on dolphins and whales adapted for school-aged children and two workshops for kindergartens will be organized.